Shan Collection

SHAN is known for the superior quality of its luxury products and for its corporate culture fostering talent, performance and creative passion. It is preceded by its reputation and integrity since its foundation in 1985.

Superior Quality Raw Materials

The House of SHAN develops exclusive raw materials in conjunction with renowned Italian suppliers to offer the industry’s best performing products. Through quality, exclusivity and originality, the materials selected by designer Chantal Levesque represent the essence of the brand. The construction of a SHAN creation calls upon high-end corsetry and made-to-measure techniques. The material combination, as for the creation cycle, stems from an elaborate research and development process. Each step is essential to achieve the perfection of a timeless product.

Who doesn’t love classic couture? SHAN collections incorporate timeless fashion with a top-tier twist for every one of their sensational collections. SHAN, Canada’s top-selling luxury brand, was founded in 1985 to create local couture that is made with top quality and creativity. The SHAN brand ensures all its products are passed through many experienced hands who are experts in designing attire for women and men, making SHAN’s men’s collections a popular choice. SHAN is known for its ready-to-wear collection—designed to accommodate women’s day-to-day routines—along with its best-selling loungewear, resort wear, and swimwear.

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