1253 Main St, Southlake, TX 76092

Gentlemen’s Shop

Southlake Town Square

Our Men’s boutique in Southlake has men’s clothing featuring styles from designers such as Ted Baker London, Fidelity Denim, Alberto, Codice, Haupt, and many more. Our menswear contains a variety of pieces that are essential for any man’s unique and individualistic style; at XAR’s Gentlemen’s shop, we focus on the details and in the fashion world, the details are what make the man.

At XAR, men’s clothes are classy and sophisticated. We carry men’s suits that are fit for any occasion; business suits for men typically show sharpness and precise detail; casual wear shows originality yet trendy styles that men can express, and formal wear shows the elegance and intricacy of the style. Many of the designer clothes that are displayed at XAR have their unique style and message that is shown through the clothes. Designers typically use certain colors or fabrics to express their messages and style through their clothes. With this summer featuring an array of patterns and designs, there is a collection of styles and designs that will be sure to fit anyone’s style. Each designer has their own type of style, therefore at XAR there are many different departments to look through when finding men’s wear and other designer clothes in South Lake, Texas. Find the style that’s the perfect match for you – we’ve got it.


Many world renowned designers and brands are commonly found at XAR’s men’s boutique in Southlake. Searching for a specific brand, designer or even a type of clothing, XAR is the place to be. We have different departments and assortments with the latest fashions from many well-known designers, and our staff will be more than happy to share their knowledge to help you find a specific item from a certain designer, brand, or if you need help in finding the perfect match for your style.