SIMITRI…Own that Bag!

If your bag is an extension of you, then why shouldn’t it shine, shimmer or glow? Why shouldn’t it make heads turn and stop people in their tracks? Why should it blend in, when it’s meant to stand out? The bag you carry, why shouldn’t it carry you?

Coming from a milieu of mixed cultures, Simitri’s skilled artisans are brought up in families that keep alive traditional arts and techniques, which make their way into their modern designs. That is why in a Simitri accessory, kutch weaves meet metallic tassels, jacquard meets zardozi and ikat meets briefcases. A potpourri of styles, a medley of colors and a melange of textures – born in a country that’s all this and more, Simitri is inspired by it all. In the bustling Indian markets and lanes, where a play of lights makes the beads, sequins and crystals flicker and glimmer, Simitri finds the inherent pulse of that historic creative chaos, and capture it in each new design.

Cruelty Free

Say goodbye to dull, lifeless bags and hello to cruelty-free high fashion with Simitri. Their accessories are kind to every kind.

“We love our fellow inhabitants on Planet Earth and each new ‘wild’ accessories collection is a nod to them. We do not hurt any animals in the making of our bags and our raw materials are ethically sourced at a fair price. Our handcrafted accessories are timeless and with care your new animal-free, timeless accessory can be passed on from generation to generation”.

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