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Fresh Looks for Summer

June 7,2017
Roy Rizwan

At XAR, we know that it takes more than matching whatever you have in your closet to put together an outfit. Fashion is about looking your best which, in turn, will have you feeling your best. During the summertime, it can become particularly tedious trying to find something to wear during the day and looking forward to showing it off, especially given the dreadful heat and the inevitable feeling of annoyance that comes with finding the perfect outfit to wear. To truly look forward to looking your best during the summer, you have to be able to spice things up by incorporating some patterns and personality. Here's our easy guide to creating some fresh looks, and your new favorite outfits, for summer:
1. Discover bold patterns and colors that you feel comfortable in: Bright and abstract patterns and colors aren't always for everyone, but a boring wardrobe can easily be remedied by incorporating some as statement pieces. Skip the plain t-shirts and substitute in some fun patterns and embroidery. Instead of wearing solid-colored jackets and cardigans during a night out, opt for patterned bomber jackets to freshen up your everyday look.
2. Switch it up with colored and statement trousers: A fun and manageable trend to start adding into your wardrobe for the summer are fashion trousers. Available for both men and women, swap your plain jeans and black trousers for alternatives. Trousers in different colors and patterns are making a comeback, and are easy to pair with a colored button-up top. Trousers with ruffles and flares are an easy way to make a statement and prove that your wardrobe is up with all of the latest trends.
3. Walk the talk by adding cool new shoes to your wardrobe: Step into summer in fresh new patterns and textures with your shoes. Possibly the easiest way to spice up your outfit is by swapping your plain flats and sneakers for textured, embroidered, and colorful new pairs. Suede, snakeskin, and splash print are just a few details that are trending this summer in the shoe department.
Your wardrobe can easily be transformed into a fresh, exciting closet filled with exciting outfits by taking the extra initiative in finding and discovering which trends work for you. Discover the latest of this season's trends and more in our men's and ladies' boutiques today!

Summer Vacation Essentials

May 5,2017
Roy Rizwan

By the month of May, the year is ending for many people and it’s time to take a little vacation. Whether you’re going on a tropical getaway, taking a short family vacation, or exploring an entirely new country, everything on this list is an absolute essential for you to have. Treat this as a checklist so that you’re more than prepared to have the best summer vacation yet. By the end of this list, you will have all of the essentials that you will need to have a carefree and relaxing summer vacation.

The first item on the list is, of course, sunglasses. Sunglasses are an easy accessory that can be both fashionable and necessary. No matter where you’re going and what the weather may be like there, a pair of sunglasses is an accessory of fashion and utility that you cannot go wrong with. The best of high-end fashion is available at XAR, and many of this season’s collections are completed with exclusive and edgy designs in sunglasses. Sunglasses are something that many people don’t think to make an investment in. They’re a great way to add an easy sense of style and flair to any outfit, and they’re a great investment in general. Make sure that your eyes are protected from the sun while you’re on vacation, and also make a statement in a new trendy pair.

A comfortable pair of slip-on shoes is the next essential on our list. Slip-on shoes are easy to incorporate with any outfit and they’re the perfect pair of shoes to have with you if you’re looking to stay relaxed yet stylish while on vacation. With a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes, you’re avoiding the weight of having to wear sneakers or tennis shoes, and you’re avoiding having to find any outfit that would look stylish paired with sneakers. Walk around and explore without having to deal with the pain of uncomfortable shoes. Set trends by owning a pair or two in a variety of styles, and effortlessly mix and match patterns, colors, and textures. Incorporate slip-on shoes into your wardrobe and never stress over having to decide on what pair of shoes to take with you on vacation. Slip-on’s are the easy and comfortable alternative.

Our final essential in order to have everything neat and organized are cosmetic bags. Buy separate ones to keep all of your assortments of essential apart and organized. Cosmetic bags are not only a great way to stay neat and organized, but they also serve as impromptu clutches if you’re ever in need of one at the last minute. They can be found in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, and are easy to dress up or down. Pair one along with your outfit for a casual, everyday look and also have it filled with everything you’ll need to take on the day successfully. Or you could easily switch it up and pair one with your outfit that you’re going for a night out in. Regardless of what you have planned for the day ahead, having a cosmetic bag alongside you is an easy alternative to a bulky backpack or purse.

With these essentials, you’re fit to looking and feeling stylish and on top of the world while on your vacation this summer. Enjoy all of this season’s hottest trends and latest releases from big-name brands in the fashion industry at XAR!

Fashion Fit for Surviving the Rain

April 10,2017
Roy Rizwan

At XAR, we’ve got fashion fit for surviving the rain. April is an unpredictable month, especially in terms of weather, so it can be difficult deciding what to wear and setting off for the day. Dressing for the rain can be tiresome and, according to many people, unfashionable, but it doesn’t have to be!

Raincoats and rain boots can be stylish, and as a matter of fact, they’re making a comeback according to this season’s trends and street styles. Wearing a raincoat provides the opportunity to mix and match, and wear bold colors when you normally wouldn’t. Raincoats come in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles, and they’re the perfect piece to have in your closet for when the weather is a little dreary but for when you’re wanting to make a statement with your outfit. They’re also easy to layer with and provide that extra bit of comfort and sensibility that we could all use when going out in the rain.

Rain boots are also making their way into the fashion limelight this year. Compared to previous versions and styles that were big and bulky, rainboots are looking more and more fashionable and reasonable to wear on an everyday basis. Disguise rainboots as regular boots by wearing them in a neutral color, such as black or navy, and pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or trousers. Be bold and mix and match colors and patterns within your outfit by wearing a brightly colored pair of boots. They’re a necessity for the rainy season and they’re a cute, easy way to brighten up any outfit on a dreary day.

Don’t let the weather get you, or your fashion game, down. Stop by our men’s and women’s boutiques and discover the best of this season’s fashion! We carry everything including professional attire, occasionwear, and casual wear, and we can guarantee that we’re carrying your next rainy day outfit as well!

March Must-haves

March 12,2017
Roy Rizwan

With the weather fluctuating between hot and cool, breezy and muggy, and everything in between, it’s important to have your wardrobe equipped with the fashion essentials. Look and feel your best despite the unpredictability of the weather by armoring up with our March Must-haves:

  • Denim jacket: We believe that a denim jacket is a versatile and worthwhile piece to have in your wardrobe because of the amount of use you can get out of it. It’s comfy, cozy, and can keep you warm if it is a bit on the cooler side in terms of weather in the morning. And, as the day progresses and as the temperature warms up, roll up the sleeves for a fun, casual, and chic look.
  • Plain white t-shirt: The plain white t-shirt, or solid colored t-shirts in general, are an essential for everyone’s wardrobe in the springtime. Layers are key in March, and having a plain t-shirt to dress up or down makes fashion all the more fun.
  • Button-up: A casual button-up is a great piece of have in your wardrobe because of its timelessness. You’ll always look put together and chic wearing a button-up, and they’re light and airy enough to wear on their own when it’s warm or to throw something over the top if the weather calls for extra layers.
  • Platform slip-on shoes: It’s not quite time for sandals yet, but it’s a little too warm for your trusted boots. An easy solution is to treat yourself to a pair of platform slip-on shoes. They’re a huge trend this season and will last until the summer. They’re easy to wear, comfortable enough for everyday use, and are a great staple piece to have this season!
  • Black jeans: You can never go wrong with a pair of black jeans. Everything goes with a pair of them and they’re so easy to dress up or down. Forget slacks and trousers! Feel comfortable and casual in a pair of black jeans paired with a nice top for meetings or for a fun night out.
  • Our spring and summer collections, featuring some of the biggest brands in high-end fashion, feature casual clothes and everyday wear that you simply need in your wardrobe right now. Be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you while feeling and looking your best!
  • Something Small, Something Sweet, and Something Special for Valentine’s Day

    February 10,2017
    Roy Rizwan

    For most couples, gift-giving proves to be the most challenging part of celebrating occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Luckily, we’ve put together a quick and easy-to-remember checklist for you to use when trying to decide on your sweetheart’s gift this Valentine’s Day. Just remember something small, something sweet, and something special. The gift can embody all three characteristics, or you could even go all out and include something from each point in one memorable gift.
    When it comes to something small, it’s important to remember that, in most gift’s, it’s the thought that counts. Something small could be a pack of cozy socks for him, a new everyday bracelet for her, or even a belt to replace an old, faded. A gift that the giftee will use time and time again without any hesitation is a better gift than something they’ll only ever consider to wear or use on occasions.
    Something sweet means looking at your relationship and finding what reminds you the most of your partner. It can be a difficult task, but finding something that holds a sentimental value to you and your loved one proves for a meaningful and a sweet gift that a lot of people often look over. Think about the perfume that she wore on your first date together or the style of the shirt that he had on. Celebrate your love by giving a gift that’s personal and thoughtful, and we can guarantee that they would cherish it for years to come.
    Something special can go hand-in-hand with something sweet since it shares a similar meaning, but it could also be a gift that symbolizes the future for you or of what’s yet to come in your relationship. This could be anything from a ring, to a necklace, or even a watch - something that the other person can wear often and will think of you every time they look at it.
    It’s easy to just give a gift, but putting the thought and effort into picking one that truly means something is what counts. Embrace love and the beauty of love this Valentine’s Day by giving the gift of something small, something sweet, and something special to someone who means a lot to you.

    Brand New & Bold Fashion Trends in 2017

    January 10,2017
    Roy Rizwan

    The start of the new year is the perfect time for new beginnings, new habits, new resolutions, and most importantly, new fashion. The best of fashion is at its peak as the new year begins, and getting to see all of the new styles and predicting the new trends is always a thrill.
    Based off of this year’s top trends, we’re predicting a very relaxed yet clean image in fashion. The first trend that high-end retailers and magazines have predicted for 2017 is the reign of stripes. Stripes have a very casual yet a very put-together look, and we can easily see them making their way into higher-end fashion and professional looks. Striped button-ups, pencil skirts, blazers, short jackets, and more will be making their way into the trends for young business professionals, and we can easily see subtle stripes mixed with bold colors and work attire.
    Another trend that will be taking off this new year will be the work casual sense of style. Young adults, as they’re making their way into the professional world, will bring their relaxed and comfortable sense of style with them. The business casual dress code serves to people who crave comfort but who also want to look their best. The trend will call for pairing button-ups and blouses with jeans, comfortable pants, and other alternatives to trousers that are much more comfortable and easy to wear. It embodies utility and a certain type of style that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
    The third trend that we’re keeping an eye out for this year is bold and mismatched colors. Patterned prints are going to be making their way into the spotlight yet again, and this time in a much more surprising way. This trend will take some people some time to get used to, but it’s a trend that’s inspired by Spring’s bright and beautiful colors and the fact that, in fashion, anything can be paired together and can be turned into a look.


    December 9,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    Give the Gift of Fashion:
    When you look good, you feel good - this is a fact that all of us can agree with. So why not gift the special lady in your life with something that she'll make plenty of use out of and feel beautiful in, without a fail?
    An all too common misconception is that fashion isn't useful. When in reality, you're simply not buying the right type of accessories. Fashion that also has utility is something that is severely underrated and often overlooked. Too many people prefer fashion over utility, but why not have both? Accessories can be trendy and useful without overdoing it. A great example of this are Ted Baker's shopper bags. Crafted with gorgeous designs and fabulous detailing, they can be used as a tote bag, an everyday purse, or even as a bag for weekend trips. Another example are wash bags. They can hold everything from your makeup to your toiletries and would make the perfect gift for anything wanting to keep their bags more organized.
    Mini backpacks and bucket bags are a huge fashion trend and we don't see the trend disappearing anytime soon. Using a mini backpack or a bucket bag is the perfect alternative to using a purse. Faux leather, suede, quilted silk, and anything textured are subtle details that can be found on everything from bags to jackets and shoes.
    And lastly, you can never go wrong with cold weather accessories. Everyone is looking to stay warm and cozy this winter, and everything from socks, scarves, hats, gloves, and cardigans would make the perfect gifts. Creating a cold weather bundle and pairing multiple accessories together would be the perfect go-to present! We're checking off everything your gift list for you here at XAR - find everything you'll need and more from our winter collections this holiday season!


    October 8,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    Despite the slow transition that Texas weather is making from summer to fall, we're quickly nearing the end of October which can only mean that our favorite fall fashion pieces are hitting our stores soon: coats and jackets.
    Faux fur jackets, capes, bomber jackets, and trench coats are a few of the styles that have made a comeback this year. Jackets and coats are essential items for every person's wardrobe as soon as the temperature starts to drop because they make it that much each to throw together a stylish outfit. Layers are your best friend and a statement jacket is the perfect finishing touch, no matter how dressy or casual you're aiming to be. If you feel like your outfit is missing something, throwing on a jacket with some subtle details such as embroidery, sequins, or even stitching, can make all the difference in the world.
    Finding high quality, designer coats and jackets are hard enough as is, but you don't have to look any further this year - the Ted Baker London collection has everything you're looking for and more, and just in time for changing out the wardrobe as well! Pick and choose from an arrangement of the highest quality outwear embellished with the most immaculate of designs; the latest designs in the collection are ultimate trendsetters and are worth the investment.
    Cover up in style this season and don everything from classic double-breasted coats to fashionable embellished bomber jackets. There isn't a single trend that you'll be missing this season!


    September 5,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    From faux fur used as statement pieces to velvet tops, bell sleeves, and bomber jackets with embroidered detailing, the fashion trends of Fall 2016 are ones that we are hoping are here to stay.
    The faux fur trend peaked in Fall 2015, and it's back better than ever in the form of statement pieces - everything from jackets to hats, scarves, purses, and even the lining of boots are donning bits of fur here and there, and it's the perfect way to amp up any outfit. Add a bit of effortless glam by throwing on a faux fur statement piece this season.
    Velvet tops with their glowing-like material and their swinging bell sleeves are so 90's, and we're so excited that they're making their way back as a trend this year. They're the perfect way to effortlessly dress up any outfit while still looking cool and casual. Velvet tops in autumnal colors such as navy blue, hunter green, burgundy, rust orange, purple, and even black should be staple pieces in every woman's wardrobe this season - their witchy vibe and effortless ease to style with are simply irresistible.
    'Souvenir' bomber jackets, better recognized as bomber jackets with silky, embroidered detailing on the back, front side panels, and or sleeves of them, are already a huge trend of this year. They're cool, sleek, and can add a really modern touch to any outfit. Whether you're headed for a meeting to work or looking forward to a night out with the girls, a souvenir bomber jacket is the easiest solution to any of your outfit dilemmas.
    The trends of this year are already in full swing and we're beyond excited to see how they make their way everywhere from the runway, to customers like you and I. Come into XAR today and check out how we're styling this season's hottest trends!


    July 11,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    Purses and handbags have their origins in early pouches used to carry seeds, religious items and medicine. Early on, both men and women carried pouches.
    In the 15th century, a purse was a traditional gift from a groom to his bride. The bags typically were elaborately embroidered with an illustration of a love story. Chenoune says bags are very personal, it holds the things you need for the day and the things you want to have, just for comfort or hobby. People began carrying items from home when the traveled, even on short trips. Traditional wallets began as early as the 16th century, as small leather pouches which a drawstring tie could loop through a belt.
    By the late 18th century, women began carrying small, often silk embroidered drawstring bags or purses called reticules, or 'ridicules'. These bags often carried a handkerchief, fan, dance card, perfume, or face powder. Reticules were smaller version of what women used to carry their needlework.
    By the mid 1800’s, bags changed from simply drawstring styles, to a popular flat style, that could be made in either a circular or square shape and was generally heavily decorated with beading and needlework. There were also smaller versions, used as coin purses which often included a metal fastener.
    By the early 20th century, women were carry bags every time they left home, even for short periods while hats were popular accessories that began to lose popularity by the early 20th century, handbags became increasingly popular. The success of the handbag has much to do with the fact that it has adapted to the needs of the time. Shoulder bags became popular during World War II and twentieth century technology opened up a variety of new textures and materials from synthetics to hand-woven straws. The variety of fabrics carried over to all hand bag designs and it has become common place for women to have many handbags, to meet the need of the occasion. Today we have quite a number of bag designers and companies, such as coach, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton etc.
    Coach began as a family run business in a Manhattan loft. The company started with just a handful of artisans who made high-quality leather goods. Coach began with twelve simple bag designs, focusing on classic designs for handbags. The company has since expanded to include briefcases, planners, computer cases and a travel collection. Gucci began his leather goods company in Florence, Italy in 1921.
    Today, Gucci is recognized by a variety of details including, gold hardware for simple understated luxury, braided or chain straps for added distinction, accents such as tassels, charms, or studs, detachable shoulder straps. Prada is an Italian company founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. Prada purses are known for their sturdy, functional, and yet fashionable design. Handbags often include leather, fur trim, gold and silver hardware, contrasting stitching, magnetic snap closures, zippered inner pockets and detachable identifications tags or key rings. Handbags go back to the beginning of time and have become a practicality and a fashion statement for women of all ages.


    June 13,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    The question is… what makes Italian shoes simply outstanding and matchless?
    Quite plainly, it’s the history. Italian shoemakers have been refining their technique for many, many centuries.
    One must explore the history of shoemaking in Italy, in order to appreciate a pair of fine Italian leather shoes.
    Like in all countries, shoemaking started in Italy in a village. The local craftsman, called the cordwainer, would work by hand with readily available materials, producing footwear for the entire community, adapting them to fit children and adults, blacksmiths and cooks; whoever came calling.
    Materials were usually animal skins (in cold areas) and vegetation before the advent of leather tanning Since one man often created all the shoes for one village, he developed a great mastery in the field.
    Unlike other shoemakers around the world, who would sharpen their techniques with regards to construction of shoes, the Italian cordwainers would focus just as precisely on the materials being used.
    Most nations have cows that “produce” leather. But Italian leather is different; it is a thing of beauty.
    It is soft, supple and richly hued.
    Italians have been working with leather for thousands of years, and their treatment processes result in a stunning diversity of products, all of the highest quality and mainly crafted by hand. This national fixation on excellence coupled with a millennium or two of artistry is what led to Italy's shoe making expertise. But, there was one other essential ingredient: the willingness and ability to adapt.
    Italian shoe industry was not a big name around the globe, before world war one, except to the Italians of course. A round of applause to pioneers like Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferrragamo, that Italy shoe making started getting some exposure. It was after world war two, that Italian shoes caught the limelight on the International stage of fashion.
    Italian shoe designers adapted to changing demand by devising entirely new shapes and styles buyers had never seen, and they did it without sacrificing an ounce of quality. The era of casually elegant footwear had arrived.
    Italy leads the global shoe making industry, and it’s due to their emphasis on quality from start to finish. Italians spent thousands of years working to perfect the design of shoes and the craftsmanship of leather while other countries slipped onto the easy path of cheaper, faster manufacturing. Taking the road less traveled, shoe making-wise, cemented Italy’s title as world leader in fine footwear.

    Black Halo !

    May 11,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    You are surrounded by this blackness! The black, sparkling, mist of magic. It touches your skin … tingling!
    You gaze around in wonder, trying to catch those glittery lights, which are floating around like fireflies. Soon the halo closes in on you and you are transformed.
    The diva within you is summoned to the land of beauty… the land of your reign.
    Such is the magic of Black Halo… empowering!
    The Black Halo ideology is to let you discover your inner beauty and conviction.
    You will find the attitude of this brand equivalent to modern day styles. There are classic styles, new inventions and innovations through inspiration. We make you look trendy and sexy. So that you can love yourself. Unique fabric, flawless construction and fine tailoring are a part of the quality we offer.
    Black Halo has an impressive line of clothing.
    The ‘Jackie O’ is a range, where you can find the one-piece wear, designed with glamour and expert technique. The moment you slip on Black Halo’s classic Jackie O dress, you’ll instantly know why it’s our most popular silhouette. It is timeless and sophisticated with a flattering draped neckline, pencil length skirt and a genuine leather belt to cinch the waist.
    The ‘Jumpsuit’ is another hit. Jumpsuits are a fashion trend that can look terrific on different body types and for all kinds of occasions. The one-piece jumpsuits can make a big statement. Priorities include the neckline, which draws a lot of focus, a defined waist, whether high, middle, or low, and controlling volume so that the overall proportionality is balanced. The right fabric is also important in matching the jumpsuit to the occasion. Jumpsuits can be worn to work, parties, or for casual wear. When assembling an overall outfit, women should pair garments in different, complementary colors, accessories prudently, and choose the right shoes.
    The ‘Eve’ is the most popular. There is no going about without quenching the thirst for gowns, as evening wear. A variety of luxurious fabrics is used to design the most elegant of dresses, such as chiffon, silk, velvet, satin and organza, etc. An effortless and flattering look.
    Get spellbound with Black Halo!


    March 12,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    The season of colors and comfort is back again, with the style springing into fashion. Trending on the fashion runways, this spring 2016, are the paper bag waist and flounces. One of the decade’s most favorite fabric, the suede has been sent down the runway, by Alberta Ferreti and Jonathan Saunders, as it has been a 70’s most loved.
    The Victorian era influence is al around. Ruffles, puffy sleeves, high collar necklines and loads of flowers can be found at Emilia Wickstead and Erdem. The off-shoulder X is the new ruff this season, spotted at Givenchy, ADEAM and Proenza. From simple to souped-up, the simple oxford received a designer makeover, and becomes a button-down favourite in white by Tome, Monse and Delpozo.
    Ofcourse, love is always there, and we care so much. Hence, the comfy shoes are still in this spring, with Trademark, Alexendar Wang and Edun. From Toreador-esque flourishes to bold hues, we see a hint of Spanish culture with Michael Kors and Peter Copping. Paperbag waists is not exactly the easiest trend to wear in real life, that didn’t stop Public school and Tome from sending the skirts and pants down their runways. Everywhere you turn the net is all around with designers such as Tome and Dion Lee.
    Although it doesn’t sound right but once you see the marled knits by Michael Kors and BCBG, you will be in for it this season. Wes Gordon, Givenchy and Calvin Klein approved of letting us have some fun in the day. Lingerie has made its way into the sun and is letting you have fun. Opening ceremony and Suno have sent skirts, shirts and jean dresses down the runway, although warm weather denim is nothing new, but it didn’t stop designers from bringing them back to the fashion.
    This season is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. Explore the latest fashion trends this spring 2016.

    A woman’s diary –the shoe love

    February 14,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    You know that you need to have shoes like you know that you need to eat and breathe. You feel your heart race when you look at shoes you are considering buying, feel a jolt of joy When you wear them the first time.
    Women love shoes, without which you wouldn’t die probably but will find that a part of you will fade away in sadness. Shoes are simply lovable, may they be flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes, and women have got the lust for it. If a girl’s house goes on fire, what do you suppose she would wish to grab if she got a chance? Well, probably her cat, dog and her shoes!.
    Most women on an average own at least 20 pairs of shoes. Any women obsessed with shoes, might once have experienced a wild dream, of getting to walk down stairs into a basement crowded with women. Wherever you look, you find black walls and floor, except for the spotlighted showcases holding those artifacts, called shoes! They are everywhere you look and go from wearable to crazy - spikes, glass, feathers, studs, lace. A fantasy, where you couldn’t choose your favorite. Most women will tell you that they love their shoes because of the way they make them feel.
    And many women are willing to play with shoes in a way they don’t play with other parts of their wardrobe. Shoe sizes change with age and weight, but would definitely not hurt your ego if a pair of shoes doesn’t fit well, unlike a pair of jeans. On the contrary, a great pair of shoes instantly changes your mood for the better. Putting on high heels lengthens your shape, changes the curve of your posture and that physical change can evoke an inner feeling of confidence and sexiness like putting on a smile can make you feel happy. You are suddenly, taller, thinner and shapelier. A pair of stilettos pushes that all out even further. Shoes provide the foundation for the image that you want to show to the world. We wear different shoes to show different aspects of our identity. You can change your shoes everyday unlike your haircut.
    A pair pumps tell the world we are all business and high leather boots declare toughness. Most women have a kind of personal relationship with their shoes. They would rarely wear their beautiful shoes, rather keep them safe, so that they can just look at them when they feel like it, or occasionally touch or wear them to fulfill their hearts delight. For women such shoes are a work of art. It is an experience that for them is special, private. A worship. There will always be joy in finding an awesome pair of shoes and knowing that they are yours to keep forever and ever. Keeping living your dreams shoe-loving-ladies!


    January 11,2016
    Roy Rizwan

    "Our appearance speaks louder than our words.
    Every day, on the streets, we pass by several people without communicating and we are being judged. Decisions are being made as to the trustworthiness and intentions of those around us. It is all based on the way we dress up and how we look.
    Although it isn’t fair to be judged and to judge someone, based on their clothing, but life isn’t so fair at all.
    Dress like a thug and people treat you like one; dress like a professional and you’ll have doors opened for you.
    Countless communication studies have shown a man’s visual appearance is initially more powerful than what he says; ignore your wardrobe at your own risk. When you shake hands with a potential partner, they form an instant impression of you which is not easily dislodged. It is essential that a man knows how to set up his wardrobe.
    One should be committed to themselves, understand their needs and hence build their wardrobe accordingly. Learn how to assemble the menswear clothing. Which suit colors and style should you choose if you only own one suit, which shoe styles you will get the most wear out of, and how you mix casual wear into the wardrobe, all within a very limited budget.
    Remove you’re stained, not worn-over-two- years clothing and improperly fitting clothes from your wardrobe. Understand the basics of style and your specific needs.
    If you are a constant professional and wearing a suit Monday through Friday, meet clients and maintain an image, then you have to be more careful about your reputation and must pay attention to tiny details of yourself, since you are the man who can be trusted to handle other people’s affairs with professionalism.
    Build your wardrobe with at least five different suits, three pair of dress shoes, fifteen dress shirts and ties, and Full black tie ensemble.
    If you are a business owner, then you probably don’t wear a suit every day, so it is fine to own only one suit and a pair of dress shoe, since you are mostly casual during your work time and later during the evening with your family, you are usually wearing a jeans and polo.
    A uniform man, has got to wear more uniform all the time except when he has some free time during the evenings. It is good enough for him to own a suit and dress shoes, a pair of casual shoes, two pair of jeans, one sports jacket, a dress watch and some tees.
    A casual creative has no limitations! You could just go up a notch from the rest of your colleagues, who would rather walk to work in their sleepwear, and try including some button-up collar sports shirts, two pair of jeans, two pair slacks, sweaters, undershirts, vests, a watch, casual shoes, dress shirts, etc.
    Now pay attention to your time and resources. While building a wardrobe, spread it over the span of time and only within your budget limitations. Look out for what is missing and what it costs you.
    Dressing up smartly Is the mastery of manhood.

    Winter Fashion Trends 2015

    December 14,2015
    Roy Rizwan

    "What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?" ― John Steinbeck,
    Travels with Charley: In Search of America. Winter is sweet, winter is hot and it is time to dress up! Surround yourself with accessories of style and fashion. Break the blue winds of winter and enliven your soul.
    Fashion this season brings with itself love and flexibility. It is covetable, and you are about to embark on a journey you will enjoy. From big belts and fun furs to cool capes and sexy lingerie, you can grab it all. Belts are available, to create contrast and that hour glass shape. Accentuate the waist with that big bold belt and draw an eye to your midriff. Plus, it is a good idea to be grateful that the belts are not "boxing championship" dimension. Capes are always a fashion favorite. This year Micheal Cors brings the best of cape fashion. If you know how to carry it well, then capes are a good reason to put away those coats and sweaters, and tell the world what art is. It is a classy, yet cumbersome outerwear.
    Dolce & Gabbana know how to work black lace like nobody's business. Lingerie as outerwear is not a new fashion concept. But it certainly was highly desirable this season.
    Louis Vuitton and Givenchy had a sporty take on the style. We have a new fashion star, as a result of casual tailoring, called Athleisure. We can expect that this station has a wide room to grow, on behalf of the strong arguments from big brands like, Cedric Charlier, Public School, Nina Ricci and Paco Rabanne.
    Winter collection is never done without fur! Dior's appeal of latest coats is the color-wash. Celine and Fendi have some eye-catching and creative collection. Designers Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren have smartly introduced Faux fur, which is a strong fur alternative this season! Although pleats have always been a tried trend, it is still standing out this season, with pleated skirts, pants and tops. There is a diversity of pleat styles and an applause on the runway for Balmain, Dior, Guy Laroche, and Marco de Vincenzo.Moschino, Roland Mouret and Etro are cutting and stitching denim, snakeskin, motifs and fur on your outfit. It's patchwork time!
    The emplacement of color and texture is beautiful but too much combination of patchwork on both your top and pants can get a bit dangerous! A wardrobe staple every winter is ribbed knitwear! Never worn in the same way twice. Every fashion critics favorite. No fashion summary is done without the inventive footwear for fashion die-hards! furry boots, crystal-covered heel-less heels, pink pompons on silver sandals and sexy knee-high black lace-up boots, by Iris Van Herpen, Miu Miu, Peter Pilotto, Giambattista Valli, just to name a few are a treat this season!
    Enjoy your fashion life this winter!

    Color Psychology

    November 7,2015
    Roy Rizwan

    Color is all-around. It is global. Unescapable like death and taxes.
    Colors have a great impact on our lives. It can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. Various cultures have different meanings for colors.
    Colors are alive!
    “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” - Pablo Picasso
    Colors have power. They can make us feel anxious, calm or relaxed. They can affect our moods, emotions and thoughts, and are also an effective method of communication.
    Several years of research has been conducted regarding colors and the effects they have on our moods. Of course, our feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in our own experience or culture.
    For instance, red is an extreme color. It is the color of fire and blood. It represents love, violence, seduction, danger and passion. Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier. Since it is an extreme color, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations.
    Similarly, pink is a romantic color and causes the wearer to lose energy.
    Yellow, like sunshine, brings happiness and warmth. It is a luminous color, bringing enlightenment and optimism, but also has a darker side to itself. It is a color of illness, egoism and madness. While it is considered an optimistic color, people lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms, and babies will cry more.
    Blue is a color of nature. It spreads coolness, and represents heaven and seas. Blue brings calmness and trust. On the other side, blue is also a color of gloom. It represents depression. It is cold, wet and slow as compared to red, which is hot. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms.
    Green is not just a color, but it is the environment and nature. It shows peace, serenity, fertility and is also a holy color. It is a calming, refreshing color. People waiting to appear on TV sit in "green rooms" to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. On the other side, it is a color of envy and immaturity.
    Purple is a powerful shade. It symbolizes spirituality, sub-consciousness, magic, dignity and romance. It has a darker side to itself, which spreads conceit and mourning.
    Orange is vibrant and vivid. Orange symbolizes energy, vitality, cheer, excitement, adventure, warmth, and good health. However, pure orange can be brass. It can also be polarizing, either you love it or hate it. Darker oranges offer a sense of comfort. Lighter oranges are soothing and healthy.
    These colors have their impact on human psychology and our thinking is directly influenced. We think and act according to the colors we wear and the colors of our surroundings. While you are thinking about how you want to feel about yourself today, choose a color wisely and nicely.

    Fashion - Fall Season

    October 6,2015
    Roy Rizwan

    Although each of the four seasons has their own beauty, it is inarguable that fall is the symbol of perfection. The explosion of vibrant colors of the leaves, makes autumn superior to the rest. Halloween, thanksgiving and that smell in the air, is sure to giddy you up with anticipation about the season of fall fashion.
    This season brings in the bling. After years of oversized jewellery, the delicate and more feminine designs are in fashion, like the brooches at Parada and Holly Fulton. Somehow, fall season clothes are mostly about keeping warm, therefore furs, sweaters, knitwear and long sleeves are the best picks.
    Comfy knitwear and capes are in this season. Knitwear is easily available, low maintenance and can be mixed and matched with some original from your wardrobe, like jeans or pencil skirts. Long sleeved sweater shirts are easy to pull over to a party or to work and look elegant. Try looking for ribbed knitwear with adorable weave. You might find Nehera, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Sacai the best ribbed knitwear collections ever! Some runway shows in New York and Paris, have capes on the top of their lists, making them a priority on your must-have list. Capes can be combined with any kinds of pants with knitwear tops or beautiful dresses layered with turtlenecks and tights.
    Mentioning turtlenecks, let’s say that it is a good option to have some layers, to beat the cold. Fall dresses 2015 can always be combined with some nice color-matching turtleneck tight. Turtleneck models such as slinky slip and boxy minis will be available in stores that you can always have them. Another trend this fall season is the combination of pants. Skirt-over-pants has been booming lately, so you can always combine them with your dresses. Designers like Tibi and Jil Sander decided to put some wide-legged pants with narrow sheaths on their runway. It is also recommended to put on leather pants that look more like a footless tights.
    A wardrobe is never complete without footwear. If you are a traveler and want to explore the orange season and look at those beautiful trees, you need to wear something comfortable and adorable. This fall season, the flat soles are in fashion. You might find ankle strap flats very comfortable and classy for your fall shoes 2015 collection. Stylish flat loafers by some top brands like Yepme, Woodland, Globalite, and Franco Leone are really comfortable and available for both men and women.
    When it comes to bags, get a grip this season, since it’s all about long fur-cuffed sleeves and the wrist. Top-handled trunk at Louis Vuitton, front-flap bag at Giambattista Valli, or crocodile case, at Alexander McQueen, and a slightly softer shape at Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Christian Dior. The favorite color this season is brown and shades of grey.
    Stay warm and shine during fall 2015!

    Fidelity Denim

    September 10,2015
    Roy Rizwan

    Fidelity denim has a story to its name. The story of love and longing for jeans. You just can’t help but stay loyal to the brand. They remain true to the blue with their fabric, fit, and finish. Fidelity Denim sticks to the fundamentals of texture, seaming and hardware. Fidelity brings this seasons greatest hits in women’s fashion. The ‘Stretch Selvedge’, which is comfortable, close fitted and stretchy. Second to none, is the ‘Anti-Fit’, giving a taste of both loose yet fit fabric. The sleek ‘Mila’ is crafted from stretch cotton-denim, with short cut fit in association with the used look makes for a classic and cool wardrobe. Ever famous ‘Flares’ remind us of the 70s style with their flattering look. A huge sensation is the ‘Dark Denim’ with deepest and darkest shades of hottest jeans. Fidelity owns a multiple range of fits, from skinny, boot-cut to shorts, skirts and tops. The infinite collection of Fidelity, extends over to men’s style and fashion trends, listing a unique array of clothing. To begin with the best ‘Selvedge Denim’, having Japanese selvedge fabric and worn-out texture, to tell your tale of jeans wearing. The straight, stretch knit ‘Oxy Denim’ is a masterpiece. An absolute winner, the ‘Shades of Grey’ to highlight the valiant you. The irresistible, slimmest cut ‘Torino’ is an absolute winner. Slim straight, classic, straight leg ‘Havana twill’ is a must have for all the men out there. The range anchors an approachable yet sophisticated styling and jeans that are guaranteed to be your new seasonal favorites. One peek at the Fidelity Denim collection and you find yourself falling for a variety of gorgeous blues. Embrace the chic you!

    Quench the thirst of your soul

    August 24,2015
    Roy Rizwan

    Descending to this world, we bring with ourselves a plain, angelic spread of fabric called, life! Then as soon as the earth is hit, and we are touched by the melody of life, an emotion takes over and we are encapsulated by the fragrance of eternity! .
    "To quench the thirst of our soul on earth, fashion is the demand!"
    Fashion is not only a statement, but it is influence and perception. At XAR, we have the perfect clothing line, footwear and accessories, to give you a bold statement, making a memorable impact. We add color and style to the canvas of your life, with our range of casual and formal wears, for both men and women.
    Classy Casual chiffon and cotton tops to go with your à la mode, Fidelity jeans or leather cut tights, elegant evening gowns, beautiful prom dresses and party wear, makes the women’s’ wing at XAR. Since no woman’s dress up is done without jewelry and shoes, we deal in a variety of intricate stone cut, beaded and gold-plated chain jewelry for a sophisticated look, and trendy high-heeled footwear to absolutely adorn you.
    Men find themselves exploring through our versatility of blazers, graceful jackets, unique ties, soft casual tees, and dress shirts. Moreover, we intend to cultivate your poise, with our uniquely designed enameled cufflinks and leather shoes.
    All the clothes and accessories available with us are a distinctive work of able designers. Each design and texture is an original, with perfect colors and pleasant fabric, an exclusive of XAR alone.
    Being downright, we also bring to you Ted Baker bags, for both men and women. Chic handbags, clutches and holdalls.
    Our desire is to provide you with the best choice, brand, finesse and service. The XAR flavor is congenial, with approachable staff, agreeable choices and affordable prices, all in your best of interests.
    XAR is the realm of your soul!